Neustart Schweiz

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Commoning home


# Aspirational Goals



# Legal Status & Location

Verein, Zürich, Switzerland, transnational.

# When did they start?

August 2010 based on the political and conceptual work around the bolo bolo and Neustart Schweiz Concept by P.M. html

bolo. source

# How do they work?


mainly through an internal e-mail list and f2f meetings in a highly autonomous way, that is: individuals react to requests from outside according to the concrete needs

# How are they financed?

membership fees, donations and book-selling


# Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted?

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# Peer-Governance in the Commons

- Keep Commons & Commerce Distinct. "We do both, don't clearly make a conscious distinction, however - the distinction seems helpful to us." Example: first months of publishing a book with a CC BY-SA licence, won't be published only to make sure the refinancing works. Releasing on the internet can be considered thereafter. - Declare Shared Purpose & Values The core concept is neighborhood, this has been explicitely declared relatively at the beginning of the process; high homogeneity of the group around that project. However, in the following process values have not been explicitely discussed and declared, denn die Wertehaltungen werden über die Projektidee und Projekte selbst immer wieder aktualisiert. Wobei es innerhalb dieses Rahmens diversifizierte Wertehaltungen gibt, was aber in der Gruppe nicht zu grundsätzlichen Konflikten wohl aber Diskussionen führt. Werte werden nicht abstrakt vorgegeben. - Set Semi-Permeable Boundaries Situativer Umgang mit Grenzen - Assure Commoners' Consent in Decisionmaking. There is no explicitly declared decision making principle but until now the group has never voted. Everything has been decided by consensus (that is: discussions until everybody agreed - which is not a big issue or a long debate.) Exception: election of "Vorstand" because it's prescribed by the law. But even there votings have been unanimous. - Relationalize Property. Property is not a big issue, as there are no assets, but so called "intelectual property" is a topic because the idea of Neustart Schweiz has its roots in the individual work of one person. This creation is gradually being shared and opened to be further developed. - To Share Knowledge Often & Widely is a common practice. - Honor Transparency in a Sphere of Trust. an important dimension, not really a topic given the high homogeneity of the project - Respect Human Dimensions Is "built in" the concept of neighborhood but not explicitely discussed/ worked on at a group level. Everybody needs to care for him/herself, so to speak. - Direct Capital to Commons Provisioning - Self-Monitor & Sanction Gradually [or: Self-Monitor, Mediate & Sanction Gradually]]


# How does Provisioning through commons occur?


Describe what is being produced and how in this Commons. Then, assess which elements of Provisioning through Commons are present? Be as concrete as possible, even storytelling might fit!

ontological ground and political culture

# Inner Kernel

Proceed the same way selecting from the following dimensions


# Realms of Commoning

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# Sources

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# See also

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# Additional Notes

"menschliches Maß" -> drückt nicht unbedingt Raum-/Zeit Dimension oder Wechsel von Spannung/Entspannung aus. "Respect Human Dimensions" or "Respektiere das Menschliche Maß" sollte reformuliert werden.

Anerkennung und Wertschätzung für die individuellen Leistungen -> evt. noch expliziter in die Commoning-Dimensions