Pool, Cap if Necessary & Divide up

Pool, Cap if Necessary & Divide Up is a variant on Pool & Share in which the shared resource is finite and depletable, and so a cap on usage must be imposed. Dividing up the available resource can be done in any number of imaginative ways depending upon the nature of the resource, commoners' sense of fairness, short-term scarcities, etc.

Review of Cho Cho San, Potts Point: sharing is caring with food bloggers! by Insatiableunchies. Licence: CC BY 2.0. source

# Storify

Pool & Divide up is an elemental experience for human beings, ranging from sharing the bounty of hunting and gathering, to potluck dinners and, in American history, quilting bees and barn-raising among settlers on the frontier. A classic contemporary example of pool & share is open source software or Wikipedia. Contributors add to the pool of resources, and take what they want -- in this case, without diminishing the resource for anyone else, because digital code can be copied at virtually no cost.

# Examples

La Minga de Curgos, Public Domain source

- Countless common practices in everyday life where people Decouple Giving & Taking.

- Traditional subsistence commons

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