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local community, Namibia, Africa



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# 1. Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted? Decouple Giving & Taking in a culturally conditionned way:

the cultural conditions that generate sharing at Fransfontein include spatial proximity, kin links, the particular material setup of the houses, various recognized modes of demand but also sufficient knowledge about who currently has something to give and who previously has been giving and receiving. One of the effects of these conditions all taken together is that sharing creates a non-random pattern and some reciprocal effects may be generated as part of this pattern in the course of many transfers across time. However, this is a far cry from characterizing these transfers as “reciprocal exchange” .... In his Fransfontein study, Schnegg (2006, 2015) highlights reciprocity, since he contrasts it with idealized views of sharing as being indiscriminate and random. However, the constellation that he describes closely matches what we know about the conditions for sharing practices elsewhere.

# 2. How does Provisioning through commons occur?


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# 3. Self-Governance in the Commons # 3.a Governing Internal Relations

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# Sources

Schnegg, M. “Reciprocity on Demand. Sharing and Exchanging Food in Northwestern Namibia”. Human Nature (2015): S. 1-18.html

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