FairCoop ijs [open cooperativism]. It is a network of "local nodes" html that creates a post-capitalist glocal economic system from the bottom up. The development and use of interconnected digital tools (global) and regional networks (local) are crucial for FairCoop.

We are using our time and energy constructively and in a collaborative way to create real alternatives by putting theories into action.

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# Aspirational Goals

"Our plan is to restore the greatest level of global economic justice."


# Legal Status & Location

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# When did they start?

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# How do they work?

FairCoop uses their own digital currency, FairCoin and develops its own economic system completely independent of central banks and institutions. FairCoin is being used

to hack market forces (supply–demand), and insert the cooperative virus to create trust and incentives for everybody to invest in a cooperative system rather than a volatile and speculative competitive system

FairCoop strives to use the constantly increasing utility of FairCoin to be globally more and more independent from fiat currencies and move towards a wiki . More and more products and services worldwide are to be included in the system, to cover basic needs with FairCoin and incorporate more users (individuals, groups, networks) organically. using the widely dispersed but interconnected tools, human networks, services and features of this independent decentralized system as a base for the social change of the whole global society, known as the integral revolution.

# How are they financed?

FairCoop developed a stable growth strategy to increase the value of FairCoin due to the limited supply of currency units (deflationary character) and the increased demand of the currency. FairCoins are used to finance projects and tools development aligned with the goals of FairCoop. They are also used to constantly extend the infrastructure of the system.


# Which Core Dimensions of Commoning are enacted?

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# Peer-Governance in the Commons

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# How does Provisioning through commons occur?

FairCoop sees the revolution of the global economic system as the most promising entry point to provoke and initiate a collective change in society.

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Describe what is being produced and how in this Commons. Then, assess which elements of Provisioning through Commons are present? Be as concrete as possible, even storytelling might fit!

ontological ground and political culture

# Inner Kernel

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# Realms of Commoning

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# Sources

FairCoop Economic System html (ver sobre ambos en: https://fair.coop/organization Interview with Enric Duran, December 21, 2017

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# Additional Notes

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