Sugluk Inuit

The Sugluk Inuit (Canada) practice the pattern to Decouple Giving & Taking. Cultural anthropologist Thomas Widlok explains in the chapter "The myth of reciprocity of "The Anthropology of the Economy of Sharing", 2017):

It is not that there were no reciprocal exchanges at all at Sugluk, but rather that these were clearly outweighed by unilateral transactions, flows in one direction only.

# Case study of food transfers among Sugluk inuit

- clear patterns which are related to some specific social features (e.g. marital status and income) but not to others (e.g. prestige and power).

- Both visits and things were transferred among non-kin, near kin and far kin. (Pryor and Graburn 1980: 232)

# Sources Chapter 'The myth of reciprocity' in Thomas Widlok "The Anthropology of the Economy of Sharing" Oxford: Routledge, 2017 Pryor and Graburn 1980