Style sheet

# Quotation marks - use single quotation marks for short phrases (not double quotation mark – “ ) - use double quotation marks for full sentences that are quoted - use quotations around book titles (given the difficulty in italicizing in a fed wiki) - put periods and comments INSIDE quotation marks, as in – quote.” - put semi-colons and colons OUTSIDE of quotation marks – quote”;

Use US spellings, not British ones # Citations: use the citation format used in Patterns of Commoning # Numbers: spell out the number for one to ten; use numerals for anything higher # Indent paragraph: NO indentation after a heading in the text

# Do not capitalize: - “commons” unless it is “Commons Sector” or something like that. - job titles unless it precedes the person’s name, as in Director John Smith

# Do capitalize:

- the Headings in Each Panel