When we refer to sharing, we mean a social practice of freely sharing information and ideas, knowledge, code and design. In short, sharing unconditionally what grows when we share it.

According to Michael Tomassello wiki , we distinguish three different social acts of human cooperation: share, divide and help/cooperate.

# The Features of Sharing - sharing is not - surely not in a first instance - a matter of reciprocity (cf. ethnographic accounts from anywhere around the world South America (Rival 2000), in East Africa (Woodburn 1998), southern Africa (Kent 1993), the Arctic (Damas 1972), southeast Asia (Lye 2004:14), South Asia (Bird-David 2005), Australia (MacDonald 2000), Island Oceania (Gell 1999), and Europe (Layton 2000: 192) - to share and to divide is usually immune to prestige and power DB: But this is usually a key prerogative claimed by the powerful! Unauthorized sharing subverts their authority & power.