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Open Source Seeds stands for fighting market concentration in the seed sector

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A few international companies have divided up the control over the global market for seed. In the past few decades many small seed producers have disappeared, absorbed by larger companies. This concentration process is still going on. Promote food security through diversity The trend towards seed monopolies threatens food security and restrains the ability of agriculture to adapt to climate change. Seed companies breed crop varieties to be uniform. This reduces plant diversity and increases the dependence of our food and agriculture on a few international companies. Restore crop seeds as a common good Seed used to be a common good: it was so for thousands of years. All over the world, crops have been cultivated, enhanced and bred by farmers. This practice resulted in a rich diversity of crops and varieties that belonged to all and was used without any restrictions. Only in the last century did seed start to be privatised. This trend has produced the monopolies of today. Seed must be utilised freely We are a group of plant breeders, agronomists, lawyers and commons activists who fight for the free use of seed. Free access to seed is the basis for diversity in plant breeding as well as of crops and their varieties.

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