Macroprojects and -institutions

# What qualifies as an elegible project for mining macro patterns? - diversity of personality and context - preference for system-scale project (i.e. those processes that can't be seen/dealt with at a disagreggated level) - historic and modern examples - clear structural independence from the market and the State (i.e. would still exist - even in a different shape - whithout market and state) - [sufficient documentation and feed-back loops]

projects and institutions

# Worth Probing for Lessons - - Solar Commons developed by Kathryn Milun in Tucson, Arizona, and in Minnesota. Solar Commons is not just a legal hack; it's a "born commons" archetype that deals energy provision (which is key to shifting the whole system); it provides an explicit legal framework that is both modern but drawing upon medieval commoning; and it speaks to provisioning, governance, and the importance of culture in asserting ownership. --> The trust form could be a generic legal form that helps avoid the need to translate from the old categories.

- Unavision , Unaversity; Unavillage Prototype - Seafood Ecosystem for a regenerative Seafood Industry | Stakeholder Governance and Trusted Business; Seafood Commons Charter - is a commons-based WiFi infrastructure that provides service to tens of thousands of people in Catalonia. It organically grew from a single mesh network node into one with more than 32,000 nodes, with the help of volunteers and supporters. - Global Ecovillage Network

- Iroquois confederacy of native American tribes, before Europeans arrived, was one basis for US constitution. What patterns did they use? (Lessons must be qualified because Native Americans and other indigenous peoples did not have to deal with modernity, capitalism and its seductions and corruptions). David Graeber wrote on the Iroquois confederacy in 'Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value' full text - Haida Gwaii of Pacific Northwest Canada, a First Nations people. In 'The Haida Gwaii Lesson: A Strategic Playbook for Indigenous Sovereignty,' Mark Dowie describes how the Haida's political action and struggles for sovereigntyo and title over their ancient homeland, provides a "strategic playbook for other Indigenous peoples." Full text Wikipedia entry webpage - Mutual help structures in China during the Corona crisis - Example from Africa? - Unified Field Corporation’s JustOne Organics webpage Contact Ferananda Ibarra.