Large-scale CPPs

**Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.** FFA, p. 341-343

**European Commission & open source.** EU is exploring how it might collaborate with open source software communities in devising workable data security systems. (I have a contact on this topic...need to chase his name down.) Could this hold clues for how transnational bodies could work with (civic, non-corporate) groups of commoners in jointly developing and enforcing novel regulatory schemes?

**Global governance?** Explore this anthology of essays: *The Commons and a New Global Governance,* edited by Samuel Cogolati and Jan Wouters (2018) Mostly legal scholars and academics on commons governance and democracy. But few seem to address the misguided idea of “global commons” or the need for an OntoShift.

**Partner-state concept,** was first theorized by Italian political scientist Cosma Orsi as a state form that enables the social creation of value by its citizens. It protects the infrastructure of co-operation that is the whole of society.

The idea has been promoted by Michel Bauwens since at least 2012, and more recently by John Restakis in his 2021 book, *Civilizing the State: Reclaiming Politics for the Common Good.* Here is a 2012 Bauwen AlJazeera opinion piece in Al Jazeera. Webpage

We need to revisit these writings, but my general conclusion has been that the partner-state aspiration does not take sufficient account of real-world politics, but presumes the state can and would engage with commons despite its allegiance to capital and economic growth.