Dominant ideas of innovation target the market. They might be price-driven or user driven, they might be spurred by research, technology or even consumer-participation (cf. User Innovation: innovation has to lead to new products that penetrate the market. If it leads truly to a better life-quality is not a case in point. This is why innovation is not only overvalued html , it is a "backward-looking word."

Innovation died in 2008, killed off by overuse, misuse, narrowness, incrementalism and failure to evolve." Bruce Nussbaum on Business Week Design blog, now offline.

# Critique of the concept of innovation

Screenshot of Nussbaum's Blogpost Dec. 31, 2008). source

- 'innovation' serves as a placeholder "to hide the lack of substance" - dominant idea of innovation is linked to one of the central facts of industrial civilisation: labour. Most of which falls far outside the realm of innovation. (See also: Care) - obsession with technological innovation obscure care work, that keeps life on track - innovation waves don't come along with a "renewed focus on maintenance and repair" - the pantheon of innovators is male - regions with intense innovation have systemic inequality problems (cf. gentrification in San Fransisco, Silicon Valley)


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