Individual cities & states with CPPs

**Barcelona:** many experiments and innovations to study. What literature exists on this? Manuela Zechner essay on care and feminist economics as predicate for Barcelona en Comu is good

**Amsterdam:** self-declared Doughnut City and interest in the commons, but limited political or policy commitment

**Ghent, Belgium:** Bauwens report on this, but Dirk Holemans say examples overstated & CPP models are debatable.

**Italy:** Co-Cities movement (Sheila Foster & Chris Iaione): Not sure of the state of thinking here. Some questions about credibility of Bologna Regulation for Care & Regeneration of Urban Commons. Project feels somewhat technocratic, but a closer look is needed.

**Bangkok:** Canal dwellers & city government: a great example! See report, "Baan Mankong: Thailand's national, people-driven, collective housing program," produced by the Community Organizations Development Institute in Thailand in October 2019 [] Chase down the ppt slides of Thomas Kerr’s Feb. 18, 2021 presentation at a UN-sponsored workshop. He's with the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights.

**Brest, France.** **Lille, France.** Cited by Michel Bauwens; need details.

**India:** Community forests. Search literature; a mixed story: legal authorization for decentralized governance, but irregular to poor implementation, political interference, and bureaucratic ineptitude. See Neera Singh, Jonathan Rose, others.

**Seoul, Korea.** Seemingly a hotbed of cooperative innovation, esp. as chronicled by