Don't Forget

Short reminders of material that we ought to insert into the text.

# Introduction

no need for new business models, as some claim, but for new revenue models & new commoning models commons are defined on different levels: as sharing/cooperation (despite capitalist motives) commons-recreating. Need to keep these separate, and realize what framework is being used to discuss commons.

# Chapter 3

New entry for "Wealth" -- and name "biowealth" and "care-wealth."

Where Sky Trust is mentioned, we need a footnote to point to the skytrust article/ books by P. Barnes

# Chapter 5

structure / culture issue, and uses of social vs. culture (Bruce Caron comment)

# Chapter 6

Rethink heterarchy pattern – add new examples, explanations

Redo sentence: "We prefer to use the word “provisioning” as a nonmarket version of “production.” SH: what really is at stake here is that you “produce and reproduce our living conditions and our means for living so to speak that don’t already integrate this initial split of “economy here” - “care there”

# General

Add Brazilian coffee coop example, in which people prepay for their coffee like a CSA

# Chapter 9

Candidate examples to include in this chapter:

Loconomics Real Estate Cooperative, Oakland – SELC Solar Commons? Klimaschutz+ Bologna Regulation