Core Ideas for Macropatterns

- Relocalized economies that can respect and regenerate the Earth while meeting human needs.

- moving from simple to complex (syntropy). Systems for translocal coordination and shared power.

- Commoning as resistance to state power and law, or with formal recognition and support.

- Equity control over shared wealth, enabling commons predistribution and not just state redistribution

- creating hubs for regenerative economies GaiaEducation

- identify and strengthen symbiotic relationships. Creating synergistic terms of mutual support.

- rotate responsibility / rotierende Verantwortung + fragende Grundhaltung -> inspired by Frédéric Laloux's Reinventing Organizations Rollenwechsel (Begleitfragen und -, Einarbeitung, Übung, Erfahrungs-, Wissensweitergabe) (example: Peace Movement)