Book Title

Here we drop all our ideas (and arguments) for a potential book title.

# The Insurgent Power of Commons # The Insurgent Power of the Commons # The Resurgent Commons # Stepping Into the Commonsverse A Vision for a Life-Affirming Society in a World in Crisis I recently saw this intriguing title for a research paper: Collaborative Creation in Intentional Communities and Dance-making: A Quaker Vision for a Life-Affirming Society in a Systems Collapsing World # Commonsverse World-Making beyond Market and State World-Making beyond Markets and Nation-States World-Vision beyond Markets, Nation-States and Charity

# The Insurgent Power of Commons to change everything

# Horizon of the commons - Horizon and "world" is connected, no world/worlding/ shaping the world without an horizon, - Horizon is not a given, but "situated", is entangeled with nature, enlivening and for sure "non-capitalist" - but.... "horizon" also implies the future, not now; the boundaries of the possible; and the unattainable & aspirational.

# n>2

- we think beyond the individual, beyond n>2 - and "Beyond n>2" the organizational principles change

# By the Light of the Commons

see Catching the Light im Lichte der Commons

# It's the Commons. Stupid!

# The Revolution of the Commons

# I commoner

# Cooperative Pathways to a Humane Post-Capitalist World Life and Politics in Post-Capitism

# Transformational Commoning: Making the OntoShift to a Post-Capitalist Order

# The Creative Power of Commoning in Building a Humane Post-Capitalist Order [or: "in Building a New Democratic Order"] # The Power of the Nested-I: A Guide to Transformation through Commoning

# GERMAN in die Richtung: Commons als Machtraum im Sinne von Verantwortung ├╝bernehmen und Vertrauen aufbauen und gegen die Ohnmacht