Basic Income Omitara-Otjivero

From January 2008 to December 2009 the Basic Income Grant Coalition, aka BIG Coalition, implemented the world-wide first Basic Income Grant pilot project in the villages Otjivero - Omitara, Namibia.

The project was mainly funded by a German Protestant church, by individual contributions of German and Namibian citizens and by contributions of the German Ministry for Cooperation. The amount paid out per head was N$100 (around US$12) per month.

After the conclusion of the Pilot Project a monthly bridging-allowance (N$ 80) to all who participated in the pilot was paid regularly until March 2012.

Six months after the launch, the project was found to have significantly reduced child malnutrition and increased school attendance. It was also found to have increased the community's income significantly above the actual amount from the grants as it allowed citizens to partake in more productive economic activities.dependency.

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# Features To be a universal grant, Cash based entitlement, To provide some form of income security, Built on redistributive justice.


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